Eden Shoes Website Search Tips

A great way to find out what's available in your size on the Eden Shoes website is to use the Search box on the top right-hand corner of any Eden Shoes website page.

For example, if you know you are a size 5 UK in Converse, simply enter Converse 5UK.  This will bring up all Converse in your size.  The more specific you are the better - 42 Euro Mens Boot brings up a useful range, as does Womens Zip Boot 38 Euro.  Use terms exactly as they are written on our website for the best results eg. Boot not Boots and 5UK not 5 UK.

For childrens shoes, try combinations like Toddlers Velcro 8US, Vans 2US or Boys Velcro 1US etc.  Kids shoes have descriptions such as Toddlers (sizes up to 10US) and Youths (sizes 11US and bigger), Boys and Girls so you could also incorporate the appropriate words in your search.

If you need some guidance, please feel free to email us on info@edenshoes.co.nz and we'll help you put some search terms together to help find what you want quickly.